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February 5, 2018
New Year New Website
February 5, 2018
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What is it that inspires you? Why is inspiration so important?

I think one of the many things all of us have in common, is the desire to be healthy. But how do we get there? How do we get healthier? I believe it is important to find our inspiration and cultivate it. By cultivate it, I mean we need to feel it deeply when we feel it, focus on that feeling longer and more often, find out how much we need, and make sure we get it. Inspiration is motivation. We all know it is easier to do things, including taking care of ourselves, when we are motivated. We all know it is also much easier to learn when we are inspired. Inspiration before education.

The root of the word “inspiration” derives from the French word “inspiracion”, which translates as inhaling and breathing, The Latin inspirare means to breathe upon or blow into and the English meaning from the 1500s was to breathe spirit into the human body. We begin our life in this world with our first breath and we can begin our journey to higher health with breathing deeply as well. Take a few deep breathes now. Start by breathing deep into your abdomen (See our abdominal breathing video, if you need a reminder.) Doesn’t that feel good? Doing this several times before or during a trying challenge may help us get and stay inspired throughout the challenge.

When we find what inspires us, we need to return consistently to that inspiration to give us the energy we need to work towards our goals.

Many patients come to me inspired to be able to tie their own shoes again, pick up their grandchildren, or return to running or some other activity they love.

When I think of inspiration, I think of breathing fresh air deeply, beginnings, sunrise, children, laughter, fun, excitement, playing music, surfing, being in my garden, or exploring nature.

What things in your life does this list remind you of? Go ahead and create your own list of inspirations. Next to that, create your list of goals. Now go back to that list of inspirations, and write down the last time you did that, or felt that way. If there is a reason why you aren’t attaining your health goals (or any other goals) as quickly as you’d like, perhaps you need more inspiration. Set a time on your calendar when you can cultivate your inspiration more often. For some, cultivating inspiration weekly may be a significant improvement. For others, we may need it daily, or even hourly to keep us motivated and headed toward higher health and other goals.

What specific things from your inspiration list will help you reach specific goals on your goal list? Set these up on a calender, or a reminder system to make sure that you are getting enough inspiration in your life. Try this out for a month or more and see if this helps you feel better, function better and get where you want to go faster.

Let me know what you think.

Toward greater health for you and your family,

Dr. Troy Anthony Smith, DC


{Photo by Emma Simpson on Unsplash}

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