After your First Visit
There is a great deal of information that comes your way during your first visit and it can be difficult to keep track of all those details and recommendations. Most likely you will be feeling great and excited about getting back to your normal life. Even though, a lot of change has taken place in your body and there is much that you can do to continue to enhance your health.

Drink water

Many of your joints and muscles may have been functioning in a stuck or shortened position for a very long time. When that happens, these tissues have trouble getting rid of their metabolic wastes. Instead, those wastes can build up in the cells and intercellular spaces of your joints and muscles. During your treatment, most likely all of these restrictions have been released. Shortly after your treatment, all of these wastes are going to come flooding out of your tissues. Drinking extra water, will help to flush these toxins away, so that they don't back up and cause additional soreness.


That's right, get out and move, but don't overdo it. A nice, slow, gentle walk is the best way allow your nervous system to adapt to the changes we have made, so that it can re-learn how to coordinate your movement much better than before. The movement of the muscles will also help pump those toxins we talked about above, through and out of your lymphatic system, making way for the nutrients that have been missing in your tissues to begin to flow in with the extra water you're now drinking.

Do your exercises!

Movement is life. Sitting is the new smoking. We are evolved to be highly active creatures, but we created a sedentary environment for ourselves. The exercises given to you by the doctor are the best way to continue your improvements between treatments.

For more information

Review your handout “Doctor’s Instructions” that is in your New Patient Packet.