Phases of Care

Phase I - Relief Care

Many patients first see their chiropractor because they are in a great deal of pain. Your pain can be caused by many different aspects of your physiology such as inflammation, damage, restriction, etc. It is the doctor’s first goal to reduce your pain and ease your symptoms. This may require up to 3 visits per week for several weeks, depending upon the severity of your condition, your age, lifestyle, etc. Additional therapies, such as herbs and supplements, ice, braces, mind-body techniques and electro-therapies may also be used to help relieve your symptoms. If your symptoms have not receded as fast as you had hoped, speak with your doctor about these safe and natural therapies that can be added into your care.

Phase II - Corrective Care

Many people think that if they don’t feel any pain, than there is nothing wrong with. Unfortunately, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Think about our nation’s number one killer - heart disease, aka: “The Silent Killer”. The reason it is called “The Silent Killer” is because most people are unaware that they have heart disease until they have a heart attack or a stroke. Unfortunately for many, this is far too late to address the problem. Many people also don’t realize that they have cancer until it is too late, and on and on.
In the Corrective Care phase of treatment, patients may be out of pain, or have very little. However, the doctor is well trained to find dysfunction and disease long before there are painful symptoms. Treatments during this phase are not as frequent. Perhaps 2 - 4 times per month. Here the focus shifts to rebuilding the body, preventing recurrence and making healthy lifestyle habits to reinforce and progress the healing that has already taken place. A large part of Corrective Care is the Doctor taking time to teach you, the patient, how to recognize early stage symptoms of dysfunction and disease, such as stiffness and functional instability. In addition to learn a greater awareness of the health status of your body, the doctor is also giving you the tools to learn what to do when you first notice that dysfunction or imbalance has set in.

Phase III - Wellness Care

According to Pismo Beach Family Wellness, Wellness is a dynamic process of creating a growing awareness of the current health of the body, mind, emotions, and spirit, and how these four aspects of ourselves interrelate in health and disease. Treatments during this phase can vary from once per month to once per year, depending on the person. Routine care can help keep all four aspects of your health functioning harmoniously in optimal condition, year after year. Your chiropractor is trained to help you not only keep your joints, muscles, fascia and nervous system at their healthiest, but also how to integrate diet, exercise, mindfulness, and community building into a holistic program of continuing wellness for you and your family. Here is where you discover just how good you can feel and how to age gracefully and function at a high level even into your later years. If you are ready to see just how good life can get, talk to your doctor about Wellness Care!