December 6, 2017
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March 6, 2018
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Hi Everyone!

It’s a great time to revisit what we can do about stress. I recently wrote about how changing our perspective of a stressful experience can change how our body reacts and we can avert the negative impacts of stress. That can be a lot easier said than done for most of us. So I thought I should re-visit the basics, and maybe go a little further soon, if there is interest.

One of the first things we can do when we notice ourselves feeling too stressed is to check in with and alter our posture. This way we can remove all of the physical, musculoskeletal stress from our bodies. Check out this video on proper sitting posture for a review.

After that, check in with your breathing and make sure you are breathing abdominally. See if just doing those two things can help you start to reduce the mental and physical effects of stress. Then we will be on our way to changing our perspectives on the stressful situations!

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